Bowhunting and Wind Direction


When placing a tree stand for bowhunting season, consider wind conditions. Even stands at the best ambush sites won’t produce results if you aren’t downwind from the animal you’re hunting.

Staying downwind from wildlife means the animal’s scent gets carried to you instead of your scent reaching, and spooking, the animal.

Because most animals have a keen sense of smell, staying downwind is an important part of getting close to wildlife without being detected.

To increase your chances of bagging a big buck this season:

  • Only hunt specific sites when wind conditions are perfect.
  • When you scout, choose five to 10 stand sites that face different directions so you’ll have a place to hunt no matter the wind direction.
  • If the wind changes to an unfavorable direction while you’re in a stand, wait 10 minutes for its direction to change.
  • Leave the stand if wind direction remains unfavorable.

For deer scouting tips, check out the Deer Scouting and How to Deer Hunt The Wind videos.

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