Video: You Got the Stamina to Be a Mountain Hunter?

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The “Beast Mode” video featuring backcountry bowhunter, fitness expert and outdoor writer Cameron Hanes is a bit long at over nine minutes. But it’s worth it.  The music does its job to get you pumped and Hanes introduces his viewers to a different kind of bowhunter.

“I don’t care what people think hunters need to be, or do or look like,” Hanes said. “This is a new age. The time of the athlete hunter is here.”

Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes

Hanes opens the video with Seattle Seahawks running back and NFL 3-time, Pro-Bowler Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is nicknamed “Beast Mode” and he qualifies what it means to him.

“I don’t know if you can, like, get into it,” Lynch said. “This ain’t something you can go home and be like,  ‘I want to get in beast mode, I want to get in beast mode.’ Nah, that ain’t the way it works.  Beast mode is already inside of you.”

You won’t find tips and fitness instructionals here, but it’s a great demonstration of what archery is when it goes from fields of competition into the wilderness. And it’ll make you take your hunt prep seriously. Hanes validates the importance of readiness, a.k.a “Beast Mode.”

“My preparation is like building a house: brick … by brick … by brick. I train hard so I can hunt easy,” Hanes said.

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